1. No Cheating of any kind.
  2. No Racism any kind.
  3. No Bashing of religion, age, sex, or any other individual characteristic or disability.
  4. No Bashing or Disrespecting other players.
  5. No Griefing in the Ltcraft servers. (If and when a faction based server is put up Griefing is encouraged in
  6. our Faction servers. No land is 100% safe in a factions environment.)
  7. Respect everyone including other players, moderators, admins, owners, etc..
  8. Some language is tolerated but if asked to stop it needs to be ended immediately..
  9. Warnings are not a requirement.
  10. Moderators admins and owners can ban anyone at anytime without a reason..
  11. Your a guest here.. Our servers use to be private only and by invite only..
  12. We encourage being friendly and helpful to others however don’t get in the way of our Moderator, Admin, Owner team.
  13. Mic/Chat spam will not be tolerated.
  14. Cheat Advertising is immediate ban.. (Even if the cheat site doesn’t exist..) 14. English only! (Some don’t know other languages and English is the common language used around the world.)
  15. Extreme lag.. In the event you become so laggy that your causing server issues we will ban you.
  16. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.
  17. No Threatening behavior.
  18. Swastikas and other inappropriate crafted or buildings will not be tolerated. 19. Advertising is allowed but spamming is not allowed. So Sure you can tell your friend about another community and invite them to that community but we also don’t want spamming of other communities