So as of 07/13/2017 I decided to turn our Minecraft creative server off until we get more members and requests for this feature..

We are still operating and is fully available and open to everyone.. We are looking to in the future do a reward system for rank on the server via amount of time spent in Game Play!

Server Rules:

  1. Be Kind!
  2. No Griefing Other Players Plots!
  3. You must claim your land in order to keep it safe!
  4. No Foul Language in chat!
  5. No Spamming in chat!
  6. No Swastika or Other Offensive Buildings!
  7. Please enjoy and Respect Everyone!
  8. Moderators Reserve the Right to Ban on Offenses!
  9. Please Let us know if your a HAM radio operator we have a special Rank for you!
  10. All the above rules apply not only to the Minecraft Server but to our Team-speak as well!