Survival Server

Welcome to the survival Server page. This page is all about the Survival Server and its commands.

So we here at the Ltcraft Network believe that you should be able to claim your land and have access to the spawn area. You will have access to a select number of homes based per rank with in the server and encourage cool design.

Here are some of the basic plugins we use on the survival server.

To claim land type in chat /kit gp This kit will give you a golden shovel and a stick. To claim land use the golden shovel and select the corner of the property you wish to claim with in the server. Then with out rotating your inventory go to the opposite side of the claim and claim the land. Now you as a guest in the server only get a certain amount of land free to claim 500 blocks. How this works is the more you play in our server the more land you can claim. Its based on hours and the max land that is capable of being claimed is 1000000. You get 200 blocks per hour played with in the server. If you stop playing on the server you could loose your land.

It is highly recommended that you set your home to set your home type in chat /sethome (Name of Home) and we all know how this goes you might set a home that you now want to delete well to do that type in the chat /delhome (Name of Home) This will allow you the opportunity to delete your home be careful this can’t be undone. In the past we have had players come to us that they lost there home and that sort of thing does happen from time to time but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we find your home again.

If you have any issues email us at remember to follow our rules and lets have fun! Rules