Conan Exiles Server

Server information

  • For Modded:
  • For Non Modded:

Harby is in charge of this server any issues should be addressed with Harby through discord.

Discord Server Associated with the Server Harby’s Discord

Server Shutdown and update Schedule Automated all in CDT

All Server times are in 24 hour time.

Modded Server Updates

  • 3:00 CDT Server Shutdown & Update
  • 3:02 CDT Work Shop Plugins Update
  • 3:03 CDT Server Starts Up
  • 9:00 CDT Server Shutdown & Update
  • 9:02 CDT Work Shop Plugins Update
  • 9:03 CDT Server Starts Up
  • 11:00 CDT Server Shutdown & Update
  • 11:02 CDT Work Shop Plugins Update
  • 11:03 CDT Server Starts Up
  • 14:00 CDT Server Shutdown & Update
  • 14:02 CDT Work Shop Plugins Update
  • 14:03 CDT Server Starts Up
  • 20:00 CDT Server Shutdown & Update
  • 20:02 CDT Work Shop Plugins Update
  • 20:03 CDT Server Starts Up

Non Modded Server Updates

  • 8:00 CDT Server Shutdown & Update
  • 8:01 CDT Work Shop Plugins Update
  • 8:03 CDT Server Starts Up
  • 19:00 CDT Server Shutdown & Update
  • 19:01 CDT Work Shop Plugins Update
  • 19:03 CDT Server Starts Up
Time in Chicago

Workshop Maps That are Loaded on the Modded Server!

Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.4.0 (1.0 compatible)

Pippi – User & Server Management – v3.0.5

Glass Constructions and more…

Fashionist v3.1.1 (1.0 and DLC compatible)

Thrall War Dungeon Mod

Savage Steel

Less Building Placement Restrictions

Emberlight 2.1.6

Stacksize Plus v1.7.0 (DLC compatible)

Kerozards Paragon Leveling – A Multigun Refresh


Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)

Roleplay 1.8.1


IMMERSE RP: Placables Decor

To test your ping to the server try opening up powershell or command prompt and type ping -t

Here is an example:

Another tool to test your internet connection to the server is winmtr.